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  • If you just learned how to crochet, start with a bigger thread and a smaller pattern.
  • White thread is best the white thread will show the pattern best ,For white thread, it is easy to get additional balls of the same quality and color. For colored threads, you should buy enough at one time to get it from the same dye-lot. You may be unhappy with the result.use light colours of wool and yarn as you see where you are in the pattern much easier.
  • When you open a new crochet ball of thread, take the paper and put it inside the centre of the ball. Then, when you need new thread, you'll have the colour and all the information for your next ball of thread.
  • To keep your crochet yarn/cotton ball from rolling across the floor, put it in a small plastic store bag with handles, hang it on your arm and crochet in comfort.Store yarn in a zippered comforter bag.
  • use a smooth ,medium-weight ,light-colored yarn and a medium -size hook to try out the basic stiches.
  • keeping yarn flowing freely is taking it from the centre of the ball.This way the yarn comes to you ,not the other way round.
  • If you are a beginner and frequently lose your place, write the patterns on lined paper, one instruction at a time
  • Store all needles, crochet hooks, scissors and other accesories seperate from your yarn.Otherwise they get all tangled up with the yarn .
  • Use a small safety pin to hold a stitch when you put a project away.
  • working with simple motife are so practical and very adaptable in today busy lifestyle.
  • Many motifs are small or repetitive ,so its easy to remember what to do.the work goes quicky and the feeling of achievment starts early and renewed with each motif completed.circular motifs that reguire instuction for each round -this can be a daunting experience ,especially for the beginner,so glance through the pattern and see if theres anything unusual that you need to know,then go back to the beginning and follow the pattern from one comma to the next comma,Everything between those comma is one instruction.For example ;1ch,dc(US sc)in next 3 sts,means'make the 1 ch,then work a dc in each of the next 3 stitch ' and so on.


  • Once you have concept of filet crochet, you can create your own designs using plain graph paper. You can also use any simple cross-stitch or needlepoint chart and turn it into a wonderful crochet filet piece. Create an alphabet sampler, small bird ,animals,a scenery, florals, etc.
  • Once your filet crochet piece is finished, the final touch will be the choice of a fine border to turn it into a masterpiece
  • you don't remember how to do this,and how the pattern,It's not to carry around all of your crocher books ,some books are heavey , so photo-copy the pages you are frequently using.
  • If you don't understand what you're reading, remember that you can always watch how-to videos for free.And the internet has many great free crochet patterns, e-books and websites .
  • store all your needles ,brought one pencil bag or box when the school kits useing,or use gift bags.
  • For the lefthanders prop the book ,(or photo -copy pages )up next to a mirror ,so you can see the illustrations in 'mirror image',while still being able to read the text from the original page.
  • stitch gauge is generally much more important than row gauge in crochet.
  • The filet crochet chart represents a view of the finished fabric with the right side facing,you are imagine having made it from the bottom upwards working to and fro,Even-numbered rows have therefore to be 'read' from left to right.
  • In practice no crochet works out 'square'-single crochet is too shallow ;Half double crochet too deep-and this should be born in mind before you begin ,Double crochet stitches ,which are even taller,are sometimes represent on squared charts by two squares per row.


English language crochet terminology is not the same in all countries ,if you have learned crochet using the United kingdom terminology use the US terms and their abbreviatios


Slip stitch (sl st)-----------------Slip stitch (ss)

Single crochet (sc)--------------Double crochet (dc)

Half double crochet (hdc)-----half treble crochet (htr)

Double crochet (dc)-------------treble crochet(tr)

treble crochet (tr)----------------double treble(dtr)

double treble(dtr)----------------treble treble(trtr)

treble treble (trtr)----------------quadruple treble (qtr)

skip ---------------------------------miss

yarn over hook (yo)--------------yarn round hook(yrh)

Stitch in use/abbr.--------------------------Turning ch------Work 1 st stitch on foundation chain.

  • Double crochet /dc (US-single crochet-sc) ------1 ch-----2nd ch from hook
  • Half treble /htr(US-half double crochet/hdc)----2 ch----3rd ch from hook
  • Treble/tr(US-double crochet/dc)----------------3 ch--------4th ch from hook
  • Double treble /dtr(US treble/tr)-----------------4 ch--------5th ch from hook
  • Triple treble/trtr(US double treble /dtr -------- -5 ch------6th ch from hook
  • Quadruple treble/qtr(US triple treble/trtr)-------6 ch------7th ch from hook.



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crochet shell pattern

crochet shell pattern
crochet shell stitch to easy to make placemant,baby blankets,rugs,babys dress ,bedspreads what ever your fashion your crochet desings. shell stitch make so many fashion showls,scarves,and hat and caps.
A shell in crochet is basically just a group of stitches worked into one base stitch. shells in combination with other crochet stitches to form a more advanced pattern. Shells are usually made up of 3 or more longer length stitches, like double crochet or trebles. A shell can vary in size but the basic premise is the same: multiple stitches in one stitch from the row below followed by several skipped stitches to keep the rows and stitches even. The size of your pattern will determine whether you do double or triple crochet shells and how many of those stitches there will be in each shell.Three or more sts with or without ch worked in same place that form a fan-look pattern.

shell stich videos

Crochet Shell-Drop Stitch Part 1

Crochet Shell- Drop Stitch Part 2

How to Straighten the Edge of a Crochet Shell Stitch

shell stich link









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Loopy Granny Square - Part 1

Crochet Seed Stitch Flower Granny - Part1

Crochet Seed Stitch Flower Granny - Part1

CH 4, join
1. 9 SC in loop.
2. CH1, SC, TRC(Triple Crochet) in same SC, repeat in the next 8 SC.

Crochet Seed Stitch Flower Granny - Part2

Crochet Seed Stitch Flower Granny - Part2