Monday, January 5, 2009

crochet shell pattern

crochet shell pattern
crochet shell stitch to easy to make placemant,baby blankets,rugs,babys dress ,bedspreads what ever your fashion your crochet desings. shell stitch make so many fashion showls,scarves,and hat and caps.
A shell in crochet is basically just a group of stitches worked into one base stitch. shells in combination with other crochet stitches to form a more advanced pattern. Shells are usually made up of 3 or more longer length stitches, like double crochet or trebles. A shell can vary in size but the basic premise is the same: multiple stitches in one stitch from the row below followed by several skipped stitches to keep the rows and stitches even. The size of your pattern will determine whether you do double or triple crochet shells and how many of those stitches there will be in each shell.Three or more sts with or without ch worked in same place that form a fan-look pattern.

shell stich videos

Crochet Shell-Drop Stitch Part 1

Crochet Shell- Drop Stitch Part 2

How to Straighten the Edge of a Crochet Shell Stitch

shell stich link

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