Sunday, January 13, 2008


In my school life, at my native place, one of the classes used to be a sewing class which occured once in a week. I learnt hand embroidery, cross stitch and crochet during these classes. Now at this age it is very useful to me and I spend most of my leisure time by sewing cross stitch, embroidery and crochet. After shifting to Delhi after my marriage, I learnt knitting and could make my children's sweaters. During winter time in the past, most of the women in Delhi pass time by knitting. Now with the change in life style and women going to work, the art of hand knitting at home has become less. All shops are selling ready made woollen garments only. This year I searched a few shops for knitting wool. and I find very few shops are selling them.

This knitting and crochet give me piece of mind and I feel like meditating during this period.

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